Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite Artists: Moebius

Born in 1938, Jean Giraud, later adopting the pen-name, Moebius, is one of the most prominent French comic artists of all time. He earned his first amount of fame for the creation of the western hero, Blueberry. In 1975, he co-created the french magazine Métal Hurlant which became known as Heavy Metal in the US, the most famous sci-fi/comic magazine of the 70s and 80s. He has collaborated with the talented Geof Darrow below, and is considered Katsuhiro Otomo's favorite artist. One of his other most famous creations, Arzach, has starred in a few very influential comic strips, heis shown on the left. Moebius has also worked as a concept artist on such films as an uncompleted Dune adaptation, Ridley Scott's masterpiece, Alien, The Fifth Element, and Disney's Tron, among many others. What tells you he's a great concept artist is the fact that while he was on the crew of Alien for only a few days, several of his concepts were mostly realized in the film. Giraud is really also one of the most imaginative artists I've ever seen, and develops very rich, fictional cultures to go along with his creations. His artwork to this day is still very fun to look at.


  1. Great little vignette. I have been collecting his art since I was 13 about 23 years ago. His creations have been an important backdrop to my life.

    1. Rest in piece. you were the master of our imaginery world. You've gone today for your last and longest trip but you'll be living forever in our hearts Jean.
      thank you very much for this website.
      Paris /March the 10th 2012.

  2. I mean, Rest in pEAce !!!! (and that was not French humour)

  3. all the best. quite a gifted artist.