Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Artists: Gustave Doré + Intro post

Hello, this is Deimos-Remus, co-founder of our blog. Like Phobos-Romulus, I'll be posting my favorite artists, movies, and other opinions as well.

Born in 1832 in Strasbourg, France, Gustave Doré was a child prodigy, drawing since the age of 5. The French artist is most well known for his work on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, John Milton's Paradise Lost, and many Bible illustrations, among others. His art like Otomo's below had a very high level of technical detail, but what sets Doré's images apart is that they were made by engraving them into wood or steel, a very time-consuming process. He of course, had a crew do this for him most of the time, but Doré came up with the original ideas and drawings nevertheless. Besides being an illustrator, he is also known for being a prolific painter and sculptor, a Jack of all Trades. You can find a lot more of his work at these two links.

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