Monday, June 14, 2010

Favorite Artists: Frank Frazetta

Throughout my blog, I'm going to be posting about my favorite artists, post a few images by them and explain why they're my favorites.

Thought I'd post about Frank Frazetta first. His passing away recently may make this entry more fitting.
A bunch of words can describe Frank's art, but nothing comes close to the word, dynamic. He has an absolutely great sense of color. I especially love his combinations of complementary colors like the combo of yellow and purple. I read a post recently on livejournal(or something else) pointing out that Frazetta only used a few tones in his pictures. He had the dark, almost black tone, a couple midtones, and then the bright, almost white tone. With the minimal amount of tones, he was able to convey a lot of structure. Unlike many artists, his figures had mass to them. Most fantasy art depicts women as really tall and skinny and men as over muscular hulks. Frazetta's women had muscle, but they also had fat, same goes for his male figures. Frank was a genius in every aspect of his pictures, and it's sad to see him gone. I just hope he's in a better place now.

I don't want to post too many images, since I have a limit of storage. But my other favorites by FF are:

See all of these and others at:

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