Sunday, July 4, 2010

Favorite Artists: Paul Bonner

Paul Bonner is one of two artists that I enjoy(the other being Alex Horley) that I was introduced to through looking up artwork from the obscure RPG, Mutant Chronicles. I instantly loved his style, and soon bought his artbook, "Out of the Forests".

Earlier in this blog, I mentioned how Frank Frazetta can be best described with the word "dynamic". I think the word that best suits Paul Bonner is "fun". Paul is great at mixing two different genres. He perfectly melds together the menacing, dark subject matter with just the right amount of whimsy. His monsters, while intimidating, often have quite cartoony expressions and exaggerations, everybody's muscles are comically enormous, the weapons are absurdly giant...etc, but each component works so well with each other.

Another impressive tidbit about Bonner is the fact that he paints completely in watercolor. No computers whatsoever. In addition he's also quite modest. Quoting his artbook, he says "I don't find myself particularly good at drawing." Even though his book is littered with amazing sketches and prelims.

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