Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Ranx Integral

I ordered Ranx: Integral from Amazon France a couple of weeks ago. It's a  hard cover collected volume of all of the Ranxerox stories, including the first ones drawn by the writer, Tamburini. The art in the original comics is okay, but the art of Liberatore(whom I will update on this blog sometime in the future) is where the series really shines. The book is well put together, printed on nice quality paper, and the colors look great. The book is divided into 5 chapters: The Origins, Ranx 1: Ranx in New York, Ranx 2: Happy Birthday Lubna, Ranx 3: Amen, and a bonus section of sketches by Liberatore(many of which I hadn't seen before).
Sorry about the bad photos, I didn't want to use my scanner and ruin the integrity of the book's spine. Too bad I can't read any French, but I have read all 3 volumes before. Out of the three Liberatore volumes, I still think that Ranx 1 is my favorite, both in terms of art and story. I find the style to be the most unique of the three, and in my opinion, Liberatore seemed to go overboard sometimes in his rendering of Ranx 2. Ranx 3 still has a great style, and Liberatore also manged to get a better grip on drawing female faces in this one, but the story, as other people have said, wasn't quite as good as the first two(most likely due to Tamburini's death before it was finished). As a bonus, I uploaded a couple of the sketches from the back of the book.

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